Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pulling Out the Poison

This weekend one of the boys had a tick in his hair. The tick had broken the skin and was attached but its head had not entered the skin as yet. This has happened before, but the tick was even deeper that time. So I had hoped this one would be easy to pull off. That wasn't the case. Jonathan tried to pull with his fingers to no avail. Eventually he had to get the tweezers and carefully grab the insect as close as he could to Noah's head and pull straight out. Even with this measure, it still took some time and effort before he was able to pull the parasitic bug off my boy's head.

And that is what it is...a parasite. It lives and feeds off of the bodies of other living beings. Much like lies and untruths that we come to believe about ourselves, life, God, and others. Little whispers of "It will always be this way," " I always mess everything up," "No one is ever there for me." Until these untruths have become as much a part of our reality as truth. And then we start to look for proof of these little lies. And we always find what we look for. If your looking for others to always pass you by, then you notice it when they do. If your looking for failure, you are more apt to see the many small ways you each fail every day. If I believe the lie that I am side-lined and have nothing to say, I will stop writing. If I come to believe I am unloveable, I will stop accepting love, and worse, fight against it.

The first step to change is always awareness. You must become aware of the lies that you believe. Once your aware you have the power to change, and that is your opportunity to fight the lies with truth. But much like pulling a tick out and off of a living body, those lies you have come to believe have taken hold. You cannot simply brush them off. You will have to grab them by the root and pull. It will be uncomfortable and probably incite some fear. You may feel like giving up and giving in, because as anyone who has fallen prey to the non-truths will tell you, at the bottom of the barrel you feel awfully weak. Sometimes the battle seems too hard. But if you give up, the parasite grows and fills with your own lifeblood, leaching from you. Do not give in. Open your heart to the Truth and allow those lies to be tweezed out at their root. Many times it has been said to me, "The only way out is through." And it is true. Go through. Push in. Avoidance is a mirage of safety, actually aiding the parasite and ultimately killing us.

If you have been victim for awhile now, the lies have taken such root that confusion is your constant companion. You are not even sure what is you, and what is not. What you want and what you don't. Who you are and who you aren't. Go back to your roots. Speak with those who have known you your whole life through...allow them to give you glimpses of Truth. Open your heart back up to Love. Pray for clarity of mind. Your heart was fashioned in the hands of God. Allow Him to once again show you who He made you to be, the truth about the Hope, let him breath life back into your soul. Perfect love drives out fear.  Root out the sin that so easily entangles. Don't just change behaviors, but dig deeper and find the heart of the issue. Pull out all of the poison, not just the pieces.

And once it is out, you will bleed a little. Don't run from that as you so often do. Nurse the wound. Keep it clean. Surround yourself with people who speak TRUTH in LOVE. Who know you and love you as you were and as you are and as you were made to be. Understand why you fell victim to the lies so that the poison cannot settle in again. To do this you must go into the pain, not bandaid it. Listen to the vulnerable spots, and strengthen them  in the ways that they need to be strengthened. The trials are not your enemy...its the lies whispered to your soul in those vulnerable moments. The lies you begin to accept as truth that slowly change you from who you were made to be. Those are your enemy, a subtle parasite that will render you sick and ineffective.

Fight for truth, my friend. Do not stray from it.


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